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At SOL Driving School we can help you every step of the way.

To qualify as a DSA Approved Driving Instructor there are a certain number requirements, which you must meet. Not everyone can become a driving instructor.

You must have held a full, unrestricted UK for 3 years and be over 21. You must not, at any time during the 4 years prior to being entered on the register, having been under a disqualification from driving.

You must pass all three parts of the qualifying examination within a two-year period.

For more information on the requirements and the three parts to this qualification please visit

You must apply to be a Driving Instructor and pay the DSA for your training pack before you can take any of these tests.  

Part 1 – The Theory Test

You must pass an intense theory test consisting of 100 questions and a hazard perception test.  We can help with this.

Part 2 – Your Driving Ability Test

This test is much more difficult than the standard L-Test. A very high level of competency will be expected.  At SOL Driving we can give you one to one tuition until you are ready for this test, not like some other driving schools that may have two trainees in the car.

You only have THREE ATTEMPTS at this test. If you fail three times, you will have to start the qualifying process again, but cannot do so until two years have elapsed from the date you passed the ADI Theory / Hazard Perception test.

For more detailed information, please contact Stuart or Steve O'Leary on 07710 592475 / 07843 272553 or send an email to

Once you have passed this test you can (if you wish) apply for a trainee licence. This scheme allows you to gain valuable experience teaching people to drive while preparing for your test of instructional ability. You do not have to take up this option should you not wish to, it is possible to pass your part three without this trainee licence, however you can not receive any payment for lessons you give without this licence.

Regardless of whether or not you take up a training licence, you MUST complete 40 hours incar training.

If you fail an attempt at the test of instructional ability, you are obliged to take a further minimum of 5 hours training before taking the test again

When you pass the Instructional ability test (Part three) you are a fully qualified ADI. If you are interested and would like prices for PDI training please contact Stuart or Steve O'Leary on 07710 592475 / 07843 272553 or send an email to