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We are one of the very limited driving schools where all the instructors are fully qualified, because of this we can guarantee that you will get the best possible instruction, making your test date closer. We have a very high first time pass rate. Look at the prices – it make sense to come with us when you work out that you will need fewer lessons than some other schools, making it cheaper for you to learn to drive. You may find other schools £1 or £2 cheaper, but it only takes 2 additional lessons need by Driving school XYZ to work out more expensive then SOL. If this isn't enough to convice you, read through our testimonials for previous students' opinions.

Just look at the benefits you will be getting by joining us:-

• We want you to enjoy your time learning to drive.

• We can arrange your theory test if you require.

• We will put you in for your practical test as soon as you are ready.

• We do not limit the driving just to the area of your test – Giving you experience of driving in   Country lanes, Dual carriage ways, urban areas etc.

• Our hourly rates are lower than many other driving schools in the area

• We are fully qualified instructors

• You have a choice of Manual or Automatic tuition

• If you pay in advance and decide not to continue lessons (for whatever reason) you will be given your money back minus the cost of the hours tuition already taken (worked out at £22/£24 per hour)

• We enjoy teaching you.






On average the amount of hours tuition needed before your first test is 30.  However this may decrease or increase depending on the individual ability and even with excellent instructor pupils may require more than one attempt at the practical driving test.  

Should you want to learn quicker there is always the option to Drive AUTOMATICS. This will mean that when you pass your test you will only be able to drive Automatic vehicles, but will reduce the number of hours tuition required